Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Elektro is born!

Another Ippo-derivate??? Ooooh, have mercy!!

Ok, seriously.
  • First: this is only a programming exercise, done for mere personal entertainment.
  • Second: Igorrit, in my opinion, it was a more interesting engine than Ivanhoe. I have tried to change and improve this interesting project.
After much work, the engine has been completely overhauled, in almost all its parts. I can now say, with security, that Elektro is not the usual Ippolit-clone, but is now an (almost) independent engine.

My dream: to be able to get closer to strength of the three current leaders (StockFisch, Komodo, Houdini).
Unfortunately, the engine it is still not as strong as I expected. There is still much work to do!

P.S. In homage to the Ippolit's authors, I gave to the blog a graphic style "old USSR"

Note: for download, see the Download Page (up and right of the blog page)

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